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Replacing 90 percent of humans with robots

Robot revolution – Case Study

Robot revolution is coming ….

Industry 4.0 and ongoing productivity, profitability, quality and global competitiveness continue to push manufacturers to increase the level of automation and use of robots. Many have coined the term “Robot revolution”.

Digital Transformation thanks to Industry 4.0 is also being viewed as LEAN’s next step presenting companies with unique opportunities to improve productivity, profitability, customization, service, and competitiveness that are above and beyond what traditional LEAN approach offers.

Benefits of automation and use of robots are well know and now #weforum case study provides additional insights into the “Robot Revolution”.

Case study … 90 percent workers replaced by robots

A mobile phone manufacturer that already utilizes automated production lines, Changying Precision Technology Company in China. The manufacturing facility employed 650 employees, company has embarked on the “Robot Revolution” and now employs just 60 employees, robots performing the tasks of rest of the human workers. Company states that full implementation will result in the entire operation being supported by no more than 20 employees.

Case study …. results

Luo Weiqiang, the general manager stated that despite the reduction in employees productivity has increased by 250 percent and there the defect rate has been reduced by up to 80 percent.

Case study ….. cost of robot revolution

Robot revolution comes at the cost of … jobs. Many reports suggest that 45 percent of today’s jobs are “at risk” of being replaced by automation and robots.

Case study …. New opportunities

No doubt the uncertainty surrounding the future of human employment in the age of automation is already apparent. Advancements in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, and other technologies are allowing machines and robots to improve what they do. Fortunately, the advancements in these areas is creating new career opportunities for human workforce …. at least for now. A recent report provides insights into highly skills desired by some of the largest companies.

Future …. Skynet

Human workforce will continue to be at the core of this and the future industrial revolution .. until such time where machines are building machines and programs are creating programs …. work continues in these areas.



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  1. I hope others have read this article, it says that a “Chinese” manufacturer replaced 90 percent of the work force with robots. I am sure that you meant to say that the processes were automated vs use of robots (like the one in the photo)….Lol

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