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Skills the top 50 companies are looking for

Data and Digital Transformation driving what skills are needed

Recent technology transformation has had a major impact on what skills hiring managers are looking for in employees. Understanding what skills the top hiring managers are looking for it critical to landing a desired career.

A recent survey where HR leaders from top companies provides insights in to what skills are of the most interest to them. The survey participants covered a wide variety of industries such as  consulting, technology, finance and manufacturing. The survey points to some interesting trends, they all desire similar skills: machine learning, cyber-security, data analytics and cloud technology.

The desired skills points to one of the mega trend in the industries “Digital Transformation” thanks to “Industry 4.0”. Predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and other cutting technologies are highly desired. Deloitte summarizes this trend as the 3D’s “Data, Digital and Disruption”. Rapid advancements in autonomous driving and additive manufacturing technologies are great examples of the digital transformation of the industry.

As economies continue to be highly global and complex, ability to attract and retain highly skilled talent is becoming a key sustainable competitive advantage. Globalization is also driving increased inclusion and diversity in the workforce.

Monetizing data, analytics and predictive models is redefining the definition of product, how it is developed, marketed, and distributed. HR leaders also commented that they are reviewing their policies and strategies to attract the best talent.

The following graphic provides insight in to the most desired skills today:



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