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Growth Strategies-Ketan Deshpande Ambit Inc.

Sustainable growth is critical to the short and long vitality of any company. Strategic leaders have many options to drive growth ....... Blog post by Ketan Deshpande Ambit Maple Grove Minnesota MN

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Are manufacturing jobs coming back?

Manufacturing companies need to ensure sustainable growth and profitability in today's global and competitive economy. Cost management is the primary reason for out sourcing jobs to "low cost" countries however increasing amount of automation is also changing the dynamic ..... read on

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Which states rank the best

 I really liked the comprehensive method USNews used to rank all states. Their rating considered typical state data such as population, GDP growth, educational rating, economic and racial diversity, etc.. Apart from these typical data points they also considered health care, education, states infrastructure, crime, opportunity, internet and public safety and the integrity and health of state government.

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Visiting Minnesota’s hidden treasure

Munsinger and Clemens Gardens in St. Cloud, MN, approx. is where you can immerse yourself in a truly unique botanical experience. Enjoy freedom from the typical tourist trap arrests. Blog post by Ketan Deshpande, Maple Grove, Minnesota, MN