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Which states rank the best

Ranking …..

I know … I know … many times these ranking can be controversial however the following ranking has been consolidated from a number of well respected sources. Including USNews.

I really liked the comprehensive method USNews used to rank all states. Their rating considered typical state data such as population, GDP growth, educational rating, economic and racial diversity, etc.. Apart from these typical data points they also considered health care, education, states infrastructure, opportunity, government, internet and public safety and the integrity and health of state government.

Proud to say that Minnesota a place I call home was ranked 3rd in all 50 states ! Ketan Deshpande of MN

Recently the state of Minnesota has made news as manufacturing soared in the state, however shortage of skilled labor is resulting in companies attempting to convince employees to work past the age of 65, Star Tribune reports. Minnesota has also been making progress on the development of renewable energy production, regulators recently approved a 1,550 MW wind power plant which will be operational in the next few years.

Top 10 states

# 1  Massachusetts – High ratings in Education, Economy, Crime and Health care

# 2 New Hampshire – High ratings in Education, Health care and Opportunity

# 3 Minnesota – High ratings in Health care, Infrastructure and Opportunity

# 4 North Dakota – High ratings in Economy, Opportunity and Government

# 5 Washington – Balanced ratings in Education, Infrastructure, Government & Health care

# 6 Iowa – Balanced ratings in Health care, Education and Opportunity

# 7 Utah – Balanced ratings in Government, Economy and Infrastructure

# 8 Maryland – Balanced ratings in Education and Opportunity

# 9 Colorado – High rating in Economy and balanced for infrastructure

# 10 Vermont – High rating in Crime and balanced for health care

California ranked # 23, which received a high rank for the Economy however received lower ranking Government, Opportunity and Infrastructure.

Michigan ranked # 33, which did not receive any high ranks however received lower ranking in Education, Infrastructure and Health care. The same can be said for Ohio which ranked # 35.

States with opportunities

# 48 Arkansas – Very low ratings in Health care, Crime and Infrastructure

# 49 Mississippi – Very low ratings in Infrastructure, Opportunity, Health care and Economy

# 50 Louisiana – Low ratings in Crime, Opportunity, Education, Economy, Government, and health care


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