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I am a husband, father and a executive professional (mechanical engineer) and find human potential to excel very fascinating. I strongly believe that mankind can achieve anything if we work together as one single organism. Strongly believe in freedom from opinions that arrest ones ability to think independently.

Ketan Deshpande Maple Grove MN
Ketan Deshpande Maple Grove Halloween 2020

My interests include tracking latest developments in social, cultural, economic, industrial, technology and strategic areas. Like to take a big picture view on how do all of these trends end up helping humanity in the long run.

A little bit more about myself, I have been in the U.S. for over 20+ years, was born and brought up on east Asia. Came to the “Land of the free” many years ago and now a fellow citizen. Since the beginning we have lived in and around the mid west region. Now based in and around Anoka County, Minnesota.

At first living in MN presented it’s challenges but now we find the house arrest due to sub-zero temperatures and blizzards as a opportunity to connect with family and friends. County and State fairs allow us to re-experience the population density that we sometimes miss from back home … Lol

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Grew up in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Completed by education in India, got my Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering and was fortunate enough to work with great companies like SKF Bearings and Borg Warner Automotive. Right from the start received opportunities to be involved with products and projects which helped me gain insights into different cultures which I leverage even today.

Work brought us to the US, since the move I have had the opportunity to live in Detroit, Muncie, Hutchinson, and now Maple Grove, MN. Every winter we do question “why do we live here” but the house arrests during bitter winters is great time to catch up friends and family.

Ketan Deshpande Maple Grove 2019
Ketan Deshpande Maple Grove Minnesota 2019

Since childhood I have enjoyed science, mathematics, engineering and travel. I am a big proponent of STEM in schools. Since the start of my professional career I been fortunate enough to have traveled the world, meeting new people, experiencing their culture and listening to their opinions and view points have allowed me to gain a comprehensive perspective on many topics.

Ketan Deshpande Maple Grove MN
Ketan Deshpande Maple Grove MN

We make all the efforts to visit our friends and family in east Asia every year or so. These visits also gives me a opportunity to record and understand how fast the developing countries are catching up to the rest of the world.

latest photo with cousins ketan sharad deshpande anoka MN
latest photo with cousins ketan deshpande mn

In this blog I will be tracking a wide variety of topics, issues and latest updates included but not limited to global economies, markets, industries, technologies, latest breakthroughs, etc.. will also be sharing a few of our family vacation photos. My background is from manufacturing industry and hence intend to stay focused on what has been the corner stone of civilization. Technology is the only way to drive equal opportunities for the masses and up lift them from the economic arrest they find themselves in.

Ketan Deshpande Maple Grove MN
Ketan Deshpande Maple Grove MN

My passion is to collaborate with teams to develop a Voice of Customer focused culture, products and services that drive high degree of differentiation, enabling sustainable competitive advantage, growth and profitability. Value creation for all stakeholders is what drives me everyday.

Professional experience

Global executive leadership experience includes

  1. Business Development, Product Planning and Management
  2. Engineering (New Product Development, Innovation Management, Technology and Process Development)
  3. Operations Management (Green Fields, Expansions, Consolidations, LEAN Enterprise, Supply Chain

Industry experience includes Automotive, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Energy, and General Industrial. Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with great teams from various continents and that is what drives me everyday.

Ketan Deshpande Maple Grove MN
Ketan Deshpande Maple Grove MN

I am passionate about Innovation and Change Management as it allows individuals and companies to rediscover themselves and achieve results that were thought to be impossible.

Ketan Deshpande Maple Grove Minnesota 2018
Ketan Deshpande Maple Grove Minnesota 2018



This is a topic I feel very strongly about, we are obligated to leave the plant in a better shape than how we found it. As you will find through my blog posts and social media, I like to track, promote and spark interest in the latest developments in technology that improves sustainability. Renewable energy is a passion of mine, many write sustainable resources off too soon however recent data shows that we have made significant progress in the development and successful implementation of sustainable energy resources. We are blessed with one planet we call home and regardless of whether we all believe in climate change or not we do need to take any & all steps to protect the world we have. Freedom from fossil fuel arrest we have been in for the last few centuries is the next appropriate step for us all.

Here are just a few major milestones we all have achieved recently

  1. US just produced higher solar power than nuclear power
  2. Germany set a new record, produced 35 percent of power from renewable sources
  3. UK set a few record, produced 26 percent of power from renewable sources
  4. China’s Qinghai province operated with 100% renewable power for one full week in June
  5. World’s largest solar plant became operational in China
  6. Renewable energy industry now employs over 9.8 million globally



Golf (if and when I find time, its mostly spending time with friends vs keeping scores), trap shooting, swimming, photography (iPhone only) and reading about latest developments in technology. We also love to travel, visiting “off the beaten path” or “hidden treasures” is what we find interesting. One my hobbies is participating in group discussions, you can find me on Quora and Google + where I learn and share my thoughts. You can also find me on most of the popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

Notable mentions


Collaborative partnerships is my preferred method of engagement, here is one example where great thoughts were shared by SMMPA of Litchfield. Please check out my YouTube channel where I capture our travel and life experiences.

Ketan Deshpande Minnesota, MN – A partner in innovation

Latest SMMPA recognition ketan deshpande MN

Ketan Deshpande, Vice President of Engineering for Minnesota Rubber and Plastics, has a goal: Manufacture product in the quickest, most efficient way possible. To reach his goal, Mr. Deshpande and contractor Energy Management Solutions of Excelsior, MN, approached Litchfield Public Utilities with an innovative way to redesign their manufacturing process through a three step process.

Step one was to install faster, more energy efficient, new molding equipment. Step two was to employ higher cavity tooling to reduce manufacturing time. Step Three was to develop and use a multi-drop cold deck approach. A “cold deck” system, relatively new in rubber and plastics manufacturing, eliminates the need to cure the material on its way to the mold. This results in less material that needs to be mixed, milled, extruded, and molded. The shorter manufacturing time and reduced material needs means that less heating is used and the equipment operates for fewer hours while manufacturing more product.

To prove the concept, Minnesota Rubber and Plastics and Energy Management Solutions conducted side–by-side comparisons of a standard injection mold compared to a cold deck strategy. The measurement and verification documented a savings of 87.50 kW and 632,156 kWhs for the first three applications. Litchfield Public Utilities provided a rebate in the amount of $28,447.01 to help them implement this exciting and innovative approach to manufacturing. Just another way that Litchfield Public Utilities is working with our customers to use energy wisely.


Ambit Inc.


Ambit Inc. is a management consulting company with a difference that “Engineers Results” by developing and deploying tailored solutions. Seamlessly integrating with your teams is how we ensure that you achieve the desired business goals. Ambit Inc. is based in Minnesota and our principal consultant Ketan Deshpande, MN brings his global executive leadership experience from a broad range of industries to you.

Please contact us at

Ambit Inc. – Engineering Results

Maple Grove, Minnesota, MN



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