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Why is Business Development important


Business Development Strategy=Sustainable growth and profitability

Sales and business development are the same. Right ?

No doubt both activities lead to growth, however they achieve this very differently. Read on to understand how strategic business development can accelerate revenue growth, build collaborative partnerships with customers and leads to sustained competitive advantage by leveraging organizations Operation Excellence.

Business Development

Business-handshake-ketan-sharad-deshpande-minnesota-MNBusiness development is to develop strategic growth opportunities within and between organizations (customers, markets and other relationships) to create long-term value for an organization.

Long-term value creation is achieved through three main activities. These activities include, but are not limited to, creating mutually beneficial partnerships, establishing business in new markets, and increasing value of current customer base.

While business development is the creation, focus and measurement of a plan, sales development involves actual execution.

Collaborative relationships developed through well executed business development are fundamentally critical to the Innovation Management process that delivers sustainable competitive advantage to a organization.


Business development requires a comprehensive understanding of the following (but not limited to),

  • Existing products, services and related technical value propositions
  • Global market & industry trends, unmet needs/pain points/targets
  • Competitive landscape (competitors, product offerings, etc.) and potential collaborative partners/alliances

Existing customers, prospects & adjacency. Insights in to key decision makers, etc..

Maturity of business development practices can be categorized per below


Business Development strategy

A well articulated business development strategy can help a organization fulfill one or a combination of strategic priorities.


Business development strategy execution

Well defined and executed business development process plays a critical role in the organizations strategy management process and execution that delivers desired business results


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