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What are Technology Roadmaps?


Technology Roadmaps 101

Successful companies utilize product or technology innovation is one of the most important differentiator that accelerates value creation. A technology roadmap is a plan that matches short-term and long-term goals with specific technology solutions to help meet those goals. It is a plan that applies to a new product or process, or to an emerging technology.


A well articulated and executed Technology Roadmap presents the company with many opportunities such as differentiated products/technologies, insights in to “value proposition”, faster time to market, improved customer engagement and growth.

Technology Roadmap development & execution includes:

Strategic-area-focus-ketan-deshpande-anoka-county-minnesota-mnArea of Focus/Interest:

Companies must clearly identify specific platforms/product category (types) targets. Selection should include a comprehensive assessment of existing products/technologies, competitive bench marking and market trends to meet short and long term growth plans.



Wide variety of inputs (internal & external) should be used to clearly document the “ask/need”. Validated and measurable “ask/need” ensures that products/services can be developed to meet the needs and benefits can be monetized which yields high quality of returns.


technology-roadmap-example-ketan-deshpande-anoka-county-minnesota-mnTechnology Roadmap:

Identify how (specific actions or tasks that need to be completed) “ask/need” can be met. Roadmap should at least have executable details, metrics and desired lead times. This is internal to the company. Successful companies also leverage collaborations and/or partnerships to accelerate solution development.


Follow-up-ketan-sharad-deshpande-anoka-county-minnesota-mnExecute and Follow Up:

Innovation is never complete with out execution and disciplined follow up with major stake holders is critical to ensure that investments are aligned with market conditions to maximize the ROI.


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