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Best places in Minnesota-Ketan Deshpande

Post lists Ketan Deshpande, a Minnesota natives perspective on what the state has to offer. Is it always cold there? Well the bitter winter house arrests are real for sure but there is more to Minnesota......

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How to maximize fuel economy

So the answer to "how efficient are today's cars" is, lot more efficient if we as drivers join forces with the technology. Leverage the features and technologies car makers are providing and lets reduce our carbon footprint starting from today! Post by Ketan Deshpande, MN

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Visiting Minnesota’s hidden treasure

Munsinger and Clemens Gardens in St. Cloud, MN, approx. is where you can immerse yourself in a truly unique botanical experience. Enjoy freedom from the typical tourist trap arrests. Blog post by Ketan Deshpande, Maple Grove, Minnesota, MN