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MD-MN Road Trip-Ketan Deshpande

MD to MN Road trip with a new friend, 1,100 miles, 16 hours

Had to add this recent endeavor to the blog. Ended up making a new friend and doing a over night road trip from Baltimore, MD to back home in Minnesota.

Was in Delaware for a week, Wednesdays storms had already crippled Delta’s operations in Atlanta and many other east coast airports. Here is a log of the interesting events that took place.

Friday morning

Delaware to Baltimore – Calm before the storm of a different kind

My journey began in Delaware, weather was great. Assuming some travel delays, I left for the airport early in the morning. Reached the Baltimore, MD airport 2 hours before departure. The challenge became evident as  met a lot of individuals that were unhappy with the “airport arrest” due to flight cancellations that had ran through Thursday. I was feeling optimistic at this point…..

Friday afternoon-Endeavor begins

Ketan_Sharad_Deshpande_Minnesota_MN2 PM – Our flight got delayed multiple times and then was cancelled. We were given HOPE and were put on stand by for the 4.54 PM flight. This is where I met a few new friends Andy & Noah. Delta crew had to deplane after the crew realized that they did not have any pilots …. Lol.

5.00 PM – Delta customer service informed us that we could fly out on Monday afternoon as all other flights were already sold out …. Wow. no prizes for guessing that we were not looking forward to spending 2+ additional days away from families.

6.00 PM – We made attempts to find flights, trains, buses and rental cars to get back to MN with no luck. Andy and I decided to drive to MN if rental cars were available.

6.15 PM – Travel gods gave us a break, Budget had cars available and gave me a deal on a one way rental. Rental options were a Prius or Mustang, no prizes for guessing which one we went with.

6.30 PM – Andy and I looked at each other and said “are we really doing this”. We called home to let them know about our ambitious plan and got some comments like “really ? and are you nuts to ok but get some rest”, thanks for letting us proceed with it

Road trip begins, 2016 Mustang ….. like the looks and the color

Friday 10 PM-Good bye Baltimore, Philadelphia & Pittsburgh

Making great progress, light traffic helped a lot. Subway was on the menu for dinner

Tunnel vision …… at the of it end home, family

Saturday 4 AM-Good bye Ohio, Indiana & hello Chicago

Still going strong, determined progress, chats about family, business, recent events is helping. Passing through OH we saw some snow on the ground, road were clear but the storm must have dropped some snow. Stop for rest ….. not just yet …..

Hello Chicago ….. a few more states to go

Saturday 6 AM-Hello Wisconsin

We are greeted by a awesome sun rise. One more state is behind us, we are tired but every mile get’s us closer to home !

Made it to WI

Saturday 9.50 AM-MN on the horizon

About to cross the Saint Croix River, we are so close

Getting close to MN border ….

Saturday 9.57 AM-Almost there

Can you believe it, we made it from MD to MN in 16.5 hours including stops. All we have to do is to return the car and go home.

We made it …..

Saturday 5.30 PM-Easter Egg Hunt in the  neighborhood

This is one of the reasons why I did it.

Andy, could not have made it without your help, thanks for a great road trip and let’s stay in touch ….. may be a east coast to west coast trip next ….. jk

Home, family and friends ….. will do it again if I have to

Ketan_sharad_deshpande_maple_grove_mnDelta has promised to reimburse the ticket and the rental expenses but not sure how they will proceed in the end, all I can say is that I am glad to be home !






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