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Who is Ketan Deshpande

Ketan_Sharad_Deshpande_Maple_Grove_MinnesotaPlease review my About Me page to lean more about myself. Apart from this WordPress blog I also maintain a Blogger blog which you can review here Blog about global market/industry/technology trends

Tracking global social, economic, industry, market, business trends, technologies and strategies successful companies are using to drive sustainable and profitable growth.

Today’s global competitive market place require that the society operate much differently than before, highly complex and intertwined structure is the best way to describe the societies fabric.

Companies that are able to link the current and upcoming market trends with well defines strategies, and are able to build high performance teams to ensure flawless execution are the ones that deliver the highest value to its customers and employees.

Many companies and executive leaders can feel arrested by their current strategies, cultures, technology or capabilities, the blog provides insights into various elements to break out of such challenges and to drive growth.

In my blog I make an attempt to link global trends to specific and actionable strategies that successful companies use to build value for all stake holders (customers, stock holders and employees).


Here are some of the elements the blog covers,

  • Market and industry data/trends
  • Importance of innovation and technology
  • Technology Roadmaps to ensure highest ROI on investments
  • Voice of Customer focused strategies
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Change Management, people are very important to making the required change
  • Business Development to drive explosive growth
  • Operational Excellence
  • Maximizing profitability by leveraging tax credits and energy conservation rebates, etc..

SMMPA article about the energy rebate


Please review my posts by following the link and connect with me. Would love to receive your thoughts, comments and view points.


Ketan_Sharad_Deshpande_Maple_Grove_MNThe author, KetanDeshpande, lives in Minnesota and writes about a variety of topics in his blog such as global economy, market and industry trends, successful strategies for businesses, and others. Leveraging his global strategic leadership experience from the manufacturing industry to offer insights in to how businesses can meet the sustainable growth and profitability goals.

Ketan Deshpande is also passionate about sustainability and renewable energy; he curates and shares latest updates in his blog posts. Recently the Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency(SMMPA) of Litchfield, Minnesota, endorsed Ketan Deshpande for an energy conservation project.

This blog also features memorable events, travel experiences and his favorite places to visit in the great state of Minnesota.


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