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Duluth Memories by Ketan Deshpande

Duluth’s beauty .. by Ketan Deshpande

In the summer of 2016 we took a much needed vacation and went to Duluth with a few friends. Weather cooperated and we were able to check in the hotel early. As usual kids had to go to the pool even though we were in Duluth.

Drive to South Dakota

Located just 3 hours north of Minneapolis, MN, Duluth is a great destination for many Minnesotan’s including us, great weekend getaway. Summer time is the best time to visit Duluth however it is a popular destination in winter time as well.

Driving to Duluth by Ketan DeshpandeWe first had to do the kiddie stuff and keep them happy. Found a Indian Restaurant that was very close to our hotel and hence we went there. Awesome food but service could have been better.

After we got back, kids had to swim again, we also got in to the hot tuns. Enjoyed a wonderful evening with family and friends.

During our stay the weather cooperated and we were able to view a large number of ships coming in from the Ariel Bridge. We went there after dinner to take in the lake views and spend some family time together. Kids had to have ice creams while we watched the ships. The evening time was very windy and a little chilly, as soon as ice creams were done everybody jumped in the cars and we took a long drive up the scenic road.

Ariel Lift Bridge by Ketan Deshpande, MN

Next day we visited the Glensheen Mansion, what a property and vision the owner had. even the kids enjoyed learning about the history. Took 100’s of photos. Drove towards Split Rock Lighthouse by taking the scenic road, there was a little construction but the views made up for the traffic challenges.

Split Rock Lighthouse was amazing, took the kids up the small staircase so they could see how the old lighthouses worked. The views arrested everybody for sure, we took the path down the shore. Coming up the stairs was a experience to itself. Kids got a kick out of visiting the homes from the past and seeing how people lived and what they used, especially the hand cloths washing machine. They thought house like these were almost like being arrested and going to prison … LOL

Split Rock Lighthouse (Ketan Deshpande, Anoka, Minnesota)
Lighthouse on the hill (Ketan Deshpande, Minnesota, MN)

Gooseberry water falls was the most fun, it had rained for a few days before we went there and just sound of water rushing through was awesome. Kids had fun dipping there feet the water, could not go up close due to the force of the water. A majestic experience to say the least !

Gooseberry waterfall close up (Ketan Deshpande, Minnesota, MN)
Gooseberry water falls (Ketan Deshpande, MN)

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