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UK’s MTC partnership with Stratsys

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UK’s Manufacturing Technology Center to have access to Stratasys 3D technology through partnership.

The MTC focuses on delivering bespoke manufacturing system solutions for its member customers, which include Airbus, Rolls Royce, and Siemens, among others.

Stratasys has partnered with the UK’s Manufacturing Technology Center to drive forward the organisation’s objective to demonstrate new processes that pushes the boundaries of traditional manufacturing on an industrial scale.

This collaboration will see Stratasys work closely with MTC to make additive manufacturing central to the projects undertaken in conjunction with these members. Stratasys’ contribution will support MTC’s role to research and advise industry’s on the technology’s capabilities across multiple platforms.

Manufacturing on the global stage and central to achieving this are our partnerships with leading technology providers like Stratasys, through whom we are deploying some of the world’s most advanced, market-disruptive 3D printing based technology solutions,” said Ross Trepleton, Group Technology Manager, MTC. “Working with Stratasys, we have a clear objective to demonstrate additive manufacturing technology’s existing capabilities to our members and explore the opportunity to push the envelope in other areas.

“This includes the ability to produce end-use engineering components, as well as the capability to build complex parts with multiple materials and give multi-functionality to a single component, using 3D printing. We’re also looking at the potential to functionally grade parts by material composition.”


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