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Luxury spending to rise in 2017

Recovery of tourism in Europe and China's growing domestic demand will continue drive year-over-year growth of the luxury goods. Sales are projected to grow by 3 to 4 percent through 2020 .....

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2017 Medical Device Manufacturing Outlook

In 2017 the medical device market must adapt to constant changes in the medical landscape to continue its consistent growth. The demand for more advanced, more personalized treatment; increased availability of healthcare; and an aging population are pushing the market and expanding technologies. These advancements require accelerated design and production to get products to market quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

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Rapid Organic Growth Strategies

Rapid business growth (organic) is critical lever for accelerated value creation. Business leaders need to have a clearly defined, articulated mission/vision statement, and high performance team are critically important to achieving and sustaining rapid growth in a business. A robust Business Development Strategy should strike a balance between the following levers along with a favorable customer experience to meet short and long term growth goals.

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Renewable power for desalination 

Water scarcity challenges across the global are very well known and across the globe a wide variety of innovative approaches are being taken to develop sustainable solutions for clean drinking water, one recent development was use of Graphene Oxide membranes for desalination. Abu Dhabi's Masdar has launched a pilot program to use renewable energy for the desalination process along with other initiatives to reduce the over all energy foot print needed for desalination.