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Orchestra Concert Performances

Basswood Elementary of Maple Grove Minnesota Orchestra Concert

Basswood Elementary School 5th Grade, Maple Grove, Minnesota, MN


It never seems to amaze me how quickly kids grow up, feels like a few months ago when kids started to go to the Basswood Elementary school in Maple Grove, Minnesota, MN and just a few years later they are about to go to Middle School.

Practice .. practice … practice ….

Basswood elementary held its orchestra concert on May 10th, 2017, practices were in full swing prior to the concert …….. many sessions were held at the school and at home to get ready for the concert. Here is one such performance of our kiddo at home …. Soul Strings performance on Viola

The venue

May 10th arrived, concert venue was Osseo Junior High in Osseo, Minnesota, MN.

Concert Performances

Orchestra was kicked off by Director Paul Terry, six performances were in store for us, first performance was “Ode to Joy”. A very good start to the evening …….

“Allegro” performance was next, as the kids were getting warmed up so were their performances ……

Director, Joseph Krueger took the stage for the third performance which was “Bile ’em Cabbage Down”, now everybody has found their groove and things are sounding awesome …..

Fourth performance was “Soul Strings”, very nicely performed by all …..

Now Elizabeth Pim Knutson took the stage and next performance was “New World Symphony” ……. enjoy

Final performance was “Poseidon’s Temple”, for this performance the Basswood elementary students were joined by Osseo Senior High School students ……. excellent performance by all …..

Great job by all the kids ….. you have made all parents proud ! Keep it up …… grow up and achieve your dream …. just a small request however ….. don’t grow up too quickly ………

All video’s captured by Ketan Deshpande, Minnesota, MN


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