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Press release-Ambit Inc.

Ambit Inc press releases

Daily Journal nbc 12 news Press release that describes Ambit Inc. and about myself, Ketan Deshpande, Minnesota, MN

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Ambit Incorporated, a business in Maple Grove, MN, has announced the launch of their new website. This website has been designed to focus on global market-industry insights and trends, strategies and technologies that deliver sustainable and profitable growth for businesses. Ketan Sharad Deshpande from Ambit plans to update the website with new blog posts at regular intervals.

Ketan Sharad Deshpande himself says: “I am a global, strategic business leader with 16+ years of experience in Business Development, Engineering and Operations. I have launched a new website to further share my knowledge and experience with others, with a specific focus on the global market. Every industry is now globalizing, and people must look at that in order to remain competitive.”

Ketan Deshpande was also referenced in SMMPA Litchfield, Minnesota’s press release where SMMPA covered the C & I Energy Conservation Rebate projects that were successfully completed. KTRE 9, Longislandnews 12, Crossroadstoday, and Live 5 news also carried this release.

One of the first blog posts that Deshpande has written is entitled “Global Economy Growth led by manufacturing in China and India.” This discusses the growth in manufacturing and how it has capped in the first quarter, led by China. It also discusses the impact of the Trump administration on trade policies.

Ketan Deshpande of Minnesota is a respected authority in this field and resides between Anoka County and Hennepin County. He uses his Facebook page to share further information on various industry trends. He encourages anyone who follows or reads his blog to also add him as a friend on Facebook, to further promote information sharing across the board. It is also through these conversations that he determines new topics for his blog.

Over the past few weeks, Ketan Deshpande has reported on numerous other issues, including the global M&A market, a new material developed by MIT researchers, and more. The focus is very strongly on both the global and the industrial, and the new website has already attracted a lot of followers, commentators, and individual contributors.

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The author, KetanDeshpande, lives in Minnesota and writes about a variety of topics in his blog such as global economy, market and industry trends, successful strategies for businesses, and others. Leveraging his global strategic leadership experience from the manufacturing industry to offer insights in to how businesses can meet the sustainable growth and profitability goals.

Ketan Deshpande is also passionate about sustainability and renewable energy; he curates and shares latest updates in his blog posts. Recently the Southern Minnesota Municipal Power Agency(SMMPA) of Litchfield, Minnesota, endorsed Ketan Deshpande for an energy conservation project.

This blog also features memorable events, travel experiences and his favorite places to visit in the great state of Minnesota.

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