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High performance Nylon replaces Aluminum

Age of lightweighting ….

Stringent emissions requirements across the globe is driving rapid development of high performance materials that not only provide weight reduction opportunities but also improve product performance. Rapid development of high performance thermoplastic polymers are opening new opportunities for the car makers to accelerate their lightweighting initiatives.

EATON polymers new Polymer Air-conditioning Conveyance Systems (PACCS) lines are able to provide an alternative to the traditional Aluminum and Elastomer lines.

The PACCS lines are up to 50 percent lighter than traditional air conditioning lines, provide improved gas tightness, and are 90 percent recyclable at end of life. Composed of a blended thermoplastic material, the PACCS lines are bendable and flexible, can withstand high system pressure, and offer chemical resistance to all oils and refrigerants that are most commonly used in mobile air conditioning systems.

Other added benefits include the capability to replace formed and bulk hoses, up to 40 percent less components, and a lower assembly cost due to Eaton’s “Snap-to-Connect” system that eliminates the process of screwing traditional lines into the system.

PACCS capability covers a broad range of applications, including passenger vehicles, light commercial vehicles, medium- and heavy-duty trucks, busses, harvesters and agriculture tractors.

PACCS lines have been trial tested in a vehicle that had all its air conditioning lines replaced with the new material, and thousands of test miles have been accumulated confirming above mentioned advantages over traditional air conditioning lines. PACCS currently is being tested by several customers.

Eaton has a long history of developing and producing air conditioning lines and components, including high-quality, corrosion-resistant lines for discharge, liquid and suction, internal heat exchanger lines, as well as plastic quick connectors and recently introduced ultra-low-permeation hoses that contribute to reduced fuel consumption and help curb refrigeration losses.

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