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Awesome summer family fun at Valleyfair

Vallyfair …. family fun by Ketan Deshpande

Snoopy is everywhere

Minnesota, the place we call home has significant temperature extremes, winters can be brutally cold -40+F but summers can be just as hot mid 90’s F …… yes Minnesota is not the frozen tundra that it is made out to be.

Minnesotans have enjoyed mild winters for the last 3 years, and this year warmed up quickly. Last weekend we came very close to 90’s.

Like many my favorite place to visit with the kiddos is Valley Fair in Shakopee, MN. 20 to 30 min. west of the Minneapolis St-Paul airport. The amusement park has two primary areas, thrill rides and a water park. Perfect way to spend a hot and sunny day.

Snoopy at the entrance

On June 3rd we decided to spend a day at the Valley Fair. We had a 9 and a 10 year old with us. We got to the park at 10 AM sharp, have to get there as soon as they open ….. park had started to fill up already. Snoopy welcomes you at the entrance …. kiddos ignored that completely.

Kiddos had a plan ………………… The Wave !

The Wave …… AKA ….. soaking wet

The Wave is a very short ride but is a lot of fun, a boat that takes you on a short ride 50′ before plunging you in water. Genius designed the exit …… you exit over a bridge which is right in line of the big splash. Everybody makes sure that they stop at the bridge and get soaked down to their bones. So now we are soaking wet and we have been at the park for about ……… 10 min. …… now that’s some Minnesota fun.

We are High Rollers

Next stop was the High Roller, a old school and modest roller coaster that has wooden frame…..nostalgia. Takes you 70′ high and then gravity does the rest, it might be old school but still reaches 50 miles per hour of speed. No prizes for guessing but kiddos went on it a few times.

Soak City …… 85 deg F …. I am good right here

As the day went on, crowd started to build and so did the temperature. Soak city was the next stop. Great options for everybody including cabanas for chill-axing ! Kids spent 3 hours straight in the Wave pool and we took a few cat naps …..



Cork Screw …. a cloths drier

Lunch is done and back to soak city, kids came up with a great way to dry off ….. cork screw. A newer style roller coaster, short one but with one vertical loop and two corkscrews. Actions starts at 85′ and reaching 50 miles an hour, and hitting up to 3.5 g’s for the nerds (which includes me). Short ride but lot’s of fun !

Wild Thing ……. world’s largest weightless zone

Yes, it is a official fact that the Wild Thing (hyper-coaster) has the world’s largest weightless zone, as a result of a 200′ drop at 60 deg.. Out and back style roller coaster where fun begins at a height of 207′, speeds topping out at 74 miles per hour and fun continues for 5,460′.

It is the Wild Thing

North Star ….. newest attraction

Spinning around at 230′ high at 40 miles per hour is your thing then Valleyfair’s newest attraction has you covered. We had fun but I wish they would stop the ride at the top as the location is great for taking photos of the landscape around you.

Steel Venom ….. the name says it all

Valleyfair offers the old school High Roller coaster and in contrast also has inverted impulse roller coaster that is difficult to explain in words. Achieves 68 miles per hours front and back with 185′ sheer vertical climbs with one side with a twist. Just a whole lot of fun. If screams is what you are looking for then don’t stray too far from Steel Venom.

Watch out kids are driving cars …. on rails

Kiddos had fun driving vintage cars with engines and accelerators, final hurrah before we decided to head home.

Spending the entire summer day with family and friends at Valleyfair was a lot of fun, this one spot should be on your “to do” list when you come to Minnesota.


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  1. If you have lived in Minnesota for a while this place does not need any introduction. Nice post, wish you would have covered more rides, may be a follow up post?

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