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Minnesota neighborhood garage sale

Wow ….. now that’s a garage sale

The great Minnesota neighborhood garage sale

This is my account of participating in a neighborhood garage sale, Ketan Deshpande of Minnesota.

Spring came roaring in for Minnesota in April and led almost all the neighbors started to talk about having a garage sale. Everybody had a lot of baby stuff to get rid of and hence the theme ended up being garage sale of things from new-born up to 6-7 years. Girl power is the best way to describe our Minnesota neighborhood, they out number the boys 3:1.

The plan ……

Now that the theme was set, we decided to hold the great Minnesota garage sale of May 18-20.

Initially a few neighbors talked about setting up a few displays in the neighborhood but then decided to combine it in one garage.

Emotional but we did it

As the garage sale date approached, we all started going through the things, this ended up being a very emotional. Being a guy I entered into it thinking that it will be easy, I am Ketan Deshpande from Minnesota, getting rid of things that are not being used will be easy. As I went through various boxes, I ended up reliving all of the beautiful memories of our kiddo. Never thought that I would find it that difficult to just toss so many things that have so many memories attached to them. We took our time to relive those moments as family and we had things identified for the garage sale.

A quick check on weather, cold and rain in store of us on Saturday which everybody was hoping was going to be the busiest of the days. We all used social networking to promote our great Minnesota neighborhood garage sale.

Minnesota garage sale starts ……

Thursday …… the great Minnesota garage sale is now officially open ….. people were there bright and early in the morning …. it is a good start. Friday was good too however Saturday was a blow out as the cold and rain kept many at home.

Garage sale concluded at noon on Saturday and we still have a whole bunch of things left …. numbers say that everybody did great ….. can you guess what comes next …… there talk of yet another Minnesota neighborhood garage sale ……..



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