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Artificial eye technology development


#Kingston University researchers are taking on the task of developing technology that can be used in “artificial eye“.

Existing imaging systems have many drawbacks, per the researcher, current imaging technology captures and processes the video in a series of separate images, this requires higher resources and additional steps vs other options. In highly dynamic scenes with fast paced action current technology will show static frames/images due to resource availability and image processing power.

The new technology, #neuromorphic sensors, #iniLabs have developed the technology for this project, closely mimic how natural eye processes images. The new sensor technology samples different parts of the scene at different rates, acquiring information only when there are changes in the light conditions.

This dramatically reduces the energy and processing needs for the cameras and during the research project the team will look at how high-quality footage could be sourced efficiently from the dynamic visual sensors and then shared between machines or uploaded to a server in the cloud.

This technology also offers significantly higher energy efficiency which is important for many applications where miniaturization is critical.

As part of the project, the team will be looking at how these sensors could work together as part of the Internet of Things (IoT) – devices that can be connected over the internet and then operated remotely, team sees wide industrial uses for this technology in Industry 4.0.

Project partners include global technology firms Samsung, Ericsson and Thales, as well as semiconductor company Mediatek and neuromorphic sensor specialist iniLabs.

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