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Growth Strategies-Ketan Deshpande Ambit Inc.

Sustainable growth is critical to the short and long vitality of any company. Strategic leaders have many options to drive growth ....... Blog post by Ketan Deshpande Ambit Maple Grove Minnesota MN

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Rapid Organic Growth Strategies

Rapid business growth (organic) is critical lever for accelerated value creation. Business leaders need to have a clearly defined, articulated mission/vision statement, and high performance team are critically important to achieving and sustaining rapid growth in a business. A robust Business Development Strategy should strike a balance between the following levers along with a favorable customer experience to meet short and long term growth goals.

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Additive Manufacturing Changing How Medical Implants Are Produced

An international team of physicians and medical device engineers made medical history in October 2015 when they successfully designed, manufactured and implanted a titanium sternum and rib cage in a person for the first time. Source: Additive Manufacturing Is Changing How Implants Are Made Additive Manufacturing to play a critical role in Industry 4.0 UK's… Continue reading Additive Manufacturing Changing How Medical Implants Are Produced