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We Are Changing The World

Renewable Energy – Are we making progress?

Renewable-energy-updateThe above question has been asked on Quora in many different ways. I follow the renewable energy industry closely and frequently contribute on Quora, just search for Ketan Deshpande MN Minnesota for the latest topics I have covered. I agree that Renewable Energy solutions have been around us for a while and most wonder if we are making any significant progress and the significance of the progress. This post curates the most important developments in the renewable energy industry along with top trends.

Oil & Gas Industry

One must first start with the Oil & Gas industry. Mankind has been using crude oil for thousands of years however its popularity grew in the 1800’s and 1900’s. Use of oil exploded in the 20th century as a result of global growth. In short the Oil & Gas industry has had a head start as far as scale and investments, and has supported the growth of today’s global economies. 

Renewable Energy Industry

sustainable-energy-performers-ketan-sharad-deshpande-minnesota-MNThe renewable energy industry is barely a few hundred years old. Commercialization of the technologies began about a 100 years ago. The industry has grown at a rapid pace in the last few decades than any prior times.

IEA’s data shows that renewable energy sources will supply 28% of the total global energy demand by 2021. It has already surpassed coal in 2015 to become the largest source of global electricity capacity.

Reports states that over 2.5 wind turbines and 30,000 solar panels are being installed every hour.

We are making progress

I have listed just a few of the recent global mile stones here, a quick reveals how broad based initiatives are driving this industry and how deep and meaningful impacts it is having on mankind. 

  1. Renewable energy industry now employs over 9.8 million globally
  2. US just produced higher solar power than nuclear power
  3. World’s first floating wind farm in Scotland
  4. Germany set a new record, produced 35 percent of power from renewable sources
  5. UK set a few record, produced 26 percent of power from renewable sources
  6. China’s Qinghai province operated with 100% renewable power for one full week in June
  7. World’s largest solar plant became operational in China
  8. Lego will achieve 100 percent renewable energy consumer status 3 year ahead of the plan, corporate sustainability initiatives are producing results. Unilever had deployed plans to achieve 100 percent renewable energy
  9. In a recent report by World Economic Forum states that solar has the brightest future … Renewable Energy
  10. Renewable energy is partnering with Desalination technology to reduce operating costs which will also address Water Scarcity 
  11. Researchers have developed technology that can double solar panels efficiency
  12. Researchers could improve solar panels efficiency by as much as 700 percent
  13. State of Minnesota will add 1,550 MW wind farm
  14. Largest energy storage project in Minnesota, etc..

renewable-energy-job-ketan-deshpande-mnSo next time someone asks you “If renewable energy making any progress” just tell them to look around and smell the air they are breathing. If they ask “what do you mean” then you can answer “you can’t even smell that we are making progress because it is clean energy”.

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  1. Very informative, thank you! I travel full time, and it’s interesting to see how much attitudes towards renewable energy change from country to country. Unfortunately there are nay-Sayers everywhere. If only we could get a handle on the plastic waste that we’re slowly drowning under!

  2. Hey Ketan love the post. We provide industrial and residential solar installation in the state of Minnesota. We have been in the energy management services industry for many years and excited to see the public opinion change when it comes to renewable energy options. Federal and state incentives will need to support proliferation of these installation until we reach critical mass.

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