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Minnesota’s oldest and biggest fireworks show

Delano MN …..

Watching July 4th firework show is a staple at our household. Every year we try to attend a new fireworks show. Minnesota offers a lot of options for us to do so.

Enjoy the video of the fireworks ……

For the last few years we have visited Lake Minnetonka, Stillwater, down town Minneapolis, and other July 4th fireworks events. This year we decided to attend the July 4th fireworks at Delano, Minnesota. Delano’s fireworks show is “oldest and biggest in Minnesota” , going strong since 1857. Their claim of being the “biggest fireworks show in Minnesota” has to be experienced.

City of Delano is approx. hour and a half west of Minneapolis and is conveniently located on highway 12. A cute town that has people with big hearts. We love it.

Delano is also home to The Peppermint Twist, a iconic drive in restaurant that serves awesome milk shakes. If you love peppermint then you have to try their original peppermint milk shake. Good food , shakes and quick service, go visit them. Check out their reviews.

We had to stop there before heading to the fireworks show ! One peppermint, butterscotch and root beer shake later we headed towards the fireworks venue.

Along the way is Lupine Brewing Company, a great place to grab a locally brewed beer.

The fireworks show was held directly in front of Delano’s fair grounds, there was ample place to grab a great spot. A small hill right in front of the field they use provides the best view. As we all got settled we could see the storms rolling in from the west, lightening and dark clouds. The organizers announced that they will be starting the show early, their typical start time is 10.30 PM.

Delano epic, oldest and biggest fireworks show in Minnesota concluded with 10 minutes to spare before the rain drops started to fall …. great experience, we will be visiting again. Not just for the fireworks but for the awesome milk shakes.


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