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Latest M&A news in the thermoplastic industry

M&A deals continue in the thermoplastic and elastomer manufacturing industry, in the recent news Trinseo SA is acquiring API Applicazioni Plastiche Industriali SpA.

The purchase from the Brunetti family is part of a strategy to grow Trinseo’s performance materials businesses in all global regions, Pappas added.

API’s “experience” in soft-touch materials such as thermoplastic elastomers and thermoplastic polyurethanes, will augment Trinseo’s strengths in rigid polymers. The transaction includes API’s manufacturing and research facility at Mussolente, Italy, and all of API’s business, employees and assets. The management team and workforce will join Berwyn, Pa.-based Trinseo’s performance plastics business.

Selling to Trinseo, he said, can lead to “absolute excellence and leadership on the global market.  We see a bright and successful future for the people we care for the most: our dedicated and talented employees.”

API’s products are distinct from Trinseo’s and are complementary, according to Hayati Yarkadas, senior vice president and business president, performance materials at Trinseo, which spun off from Dow Chemical Co. in 2010.

“Trinseo’s rigid plastics have a very strong position in automotive, medical and consumer markets. API’s soft-touch TPE products are often used together with rigid plastics in similar applications, so the combination of Trinseo and API will benefit customers,” Yarkadas said.

Trinseo called this acquisition as “first step” towards growing their performance materials businesses in all global regions.

API’s products cover TPEs, TPUs, EVA-based compounds and two-component PU. Its main markets are automotive, footwear, appliances, furniture, sports goods, consumer goods, packaging, construction, and medical.

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