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Graphene Oxide filters salt from sea water


Global Water Scarcity – Current Status provides insights into the current challenges with access to clean water for many. Recent reports show that over 2/3rd of the global population live in areas where water scarcity is a daily reality and 500 million live in areas where water consumption is double the amount of local supply. Many countries with water scarcity issues also find themselves in a state of developmental arrest, economically and socially. And by 2030, 33 countries are expected to be at risk from water stress. But according to Wastewater: The Untapped Resource, once treated, wastewater could prove invaluable in meeting the growing demand for freshwater and raw materials, as well as enhancing food security. #sustainability water supply has been identified a top issue for the world by many surveys and reports.

A recent development in using Graphene oxide filters as high efficiency filters to arrest salt from sea water could have advantages over the current desalination processes. Use of Grahpene oxide also provides a solution to the industrial scale manufacturing challenges with single layer Graphene which was the original approach.

This development could provide a scalable and efficient way to remove salt from sea water.

Graphene oxide can produces through oxidation and is combined with porous materials to use it as a membrane. Uniform and smaller than one nano-meter holes are needed for desalination.

Scientists now have addressed the swelling of Graphene oxide membranes which render them ineffective for desalination by stabilizing the membrane by using epoxy resin.

The above was reported in the journal Nature Nanotechnology, Dr. Rahul Nair of University of Manchester.



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